A bit of text for the home page to start with. I'm planning various interesting bits and pieces for the year of my 50th birthday (starting from just after the Leeds 10K at the beginning of July 2012, and running through to the end of 2013.

I'm planning to go back to Book Bus in Zambia in Summer 2014, and then there's the Hull and Leeds 10Ks, the Stanza Stones trail, FaTE and the Ilkley Lit Fest, and lots of other bits and pieces. There will be photos and other stuff here - and also the all-important donate button!

Now available for just £1.50 (including postage) each- an exclusive Book Bus badge! If you'd like one, you can get one by going to the 'Sponsor Me' link above. Choose 'Badge' from the drop down list, and add a minimum of £1.50 sponsorship. If you want more than one (to resell), the badges are 50p each, with 70p postage (to allow for Paypals charges) for upto 5. If you want more than 5, let me know, and I'll work out the postage charge.

If you'd like to donate, then please click the 'donate' menu above - and thanks!

Once you click on the "Sponsor Me" link ,you'll see a form with four options - 'Just a Donation' is in case you just want to donate, but not for a specific thing (if you do, thank you!). '10K Donations' are for sponsorship for my various 'runs' this year (Leeds, Hull, and the new Pennine 10K). Use this one if you've been drawn here by seeing the domain name on my shirt! The fourth option (I'll get to the third one in a minute) is 'Send a Postcard' - if you want me to send you a postcard from Zambia, just sponsor me for £1 or more, and leave your address in the box provided (or it's a bit difficult to deliver it!)

The third option is 'Sponsor a Day'. If you choose this, you can make a donation, and ask me to do something on your behalf that day (as long as it's not illegal, or dangerous to my health!!). I'll try as hard as I can to deliver, and provide evidence that I did!

Payment on the form is via. Paypal. You don't need to have a Paypal account (and you don't need to set one up) to use it - oh, and while stocks last any donation of more than £20 gets a FREE signed book as a thank you (not signed by me, I'd like to make clear - signed by the author). If you fall into that category, I'll contact you by email, and let you choose what you like. I've got children's books, poetry, adult fiction and non-fiction, signed by some very well known writers - first come, first served!

All Donations Gratefully Received!

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